Our focus at Blossom Nannies is to ensure the best personal service is provided to our families. All our fees are tailor made to each family depending on their requirements.

However all our fees include the following service :-

  • Initial consultation to discuss your needs either by phone (which we do prefer at first) or email
  • Job marketing via website and various forms of media ensuring confidentiality  when needed
  • Interviewing and screening of potential nannies
  • Helping with the interview process and discussing feedback
  • Contracts provided if required
  • Help with extras e.g. insurance, payroll
  • On going support even once the nanny has been placed


Terms and Conditions

A copy of our terms and conditions are sent to all our new clients however please find the details below:

These terms and conditions represent a legally binding contract between the employer (“The Client”) and Blossom Nannies (“The Agency”). All business undertaken between the Agency and the Client is subject to these terms and conditions.

Blossom Nannies operates as an agency introducing Clients to prospective candidates (“The Nanny”) Blossom Nannies can provide contract of employments if required, however it is Clients full responsibly to ensure all tax and National insurance, work permits and any medical requirements are made.

Fees and payment

Fees are payable by the Client on acceptance either verbally or in writing (signed contracts). For all permanent positions fees are to be paid within 10 days of the invoice date. For temporary positions ( 12 weeks maximum) our fees to be paid before the Nanny starts. There will be 10% added to the final invoice if any payment is delayed.


Permanent positions

If the Nanny’s employment is terminated or the candidate leaves within 6 weeks of contracts being signed then the Agency will endeavour to find a suitable replacement at no extra cost. If no suitable candidate is found within 4 weeks then the following refund is offered.

Week in which the candidate leaves:

1-2 weeks – 100% of fee refunded

2-4 weeks – 75% of the fee refunded

4-6 weeks – 50% of fee refunded

Babysitting/Event and Temporary positions

If the Nanny is unable to fulfil the position a suitable replacement will be found as soon as possible. If no replacement is found our client will receive a full refund of the fee.  

Please do get in touch to see how we can help and we can discuss our fees.

blossomnanniesuk@gmail.com or 01380 592029