We offer nannies that fulfil a multitude of roles, indeed every position is unique. We have a stringent vetting procedure and interview all our nannies face to face ( due to covid this has changed to video interview until it is safe to resume back) checking their qualifications, documents and reference checks.

Permanent nannies

Permanent nannies are officially employed by the family can work on a full time or part time basis ranging from daily or live in depending on family requirements.

Temporary Nannies

Temporary nannies help the family care for the children for certain period of time their roles can vary from daily or live in and can be anything up to approx. 13 weeks. Quite popular for families who need assistance through a tricky time or simply just want an extra pair of hands on their holiday. Temporary Nannies are either employed by the family or are self employed however this depends on the individual nanny.

Proxy parent

Proxy parenting is where the nanny is fully responsible for the children as well as the home in the parent’s absence on a 24 hours basis.

Event nannies

Qualified nannies who can assist with any event by providing suitable childcare e.g. weddings, parties, family functions

Maternity nanny

Maternity nanny who specialise in caring for newborns – 6 months. They tend to live in and assist the family with the demands of a newborn and help implement routines for families to continue.

Employment requirements

If you employ a nanny on a permanent basis there are legal responsibilities that you are required to follow (Blossom Nannies will help you every step of the way as it can sometimes seem very daunting). There are some fantastic nanny payroll experts that we can sign post you to if required. However the basic requirements are below:
  • Register as an employer
  • Set up PAYE scheme for your nanny
  • Ensure your nanny receives their basic statutory employment rights
  • Ensure all tax and national insurance is paid
  • Pay employers national insurance
  • Keep all nannies tax records
  • Provide pay slips
  • Ensure contracts are in place ( template provided or most nanny payroll service will provide this)
  • Ensure pension scheme is in place